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Dollar Card Marketing creates unique dollar bill business cards that look like real money from the $1 bill all the way through the $100 bill for any business, promotion, opportunity, or event.

There’s nothing that grabs more attention than cash money.  These business cards look and feel like real US currency and are one of the most effective offline marketing tools that you’ll ever come across.  Many businesses focus a great deal of attention on online marketing strategies and tend to forget about offline marketing.  Dollar bill business cards go beyond your average radio or newspaper ad.  Dollar cards are effective because of they’re realistic appearance and their novelty.  As such, they’re generally 4-6 times more effective than your traditional business cards.  Why?  Well, if you consider that when someone receives one of these unique business cards, they’re likely to be so impressed with the novelty and quality of the card, that the probability of them going around and showing it off to their friends and colleagues is far greater than they would i you handed them your traditional old business card.

Business Cards, Drop Cards, Sizzle Cards – In some marketing circles, these terms are all interchangeable.  However, they’re purposes and uses slightly vary from one another.  A business card seems self explanatory, I would think.  They haven’t changed much over the last few centuries.  Of course, now they’ve started to become fancier with glossy finishes and die cuts… and now these that look like real money.  Yes, many businesses have done away with their stale old business cards and are now getting far more attention with our dollar cards.

Drop Cards – A drop card (or dropcard) seems to be self explanatory… but I’ll explain anyway.  Drop cards are intended to be dropped… generally in high traffic areas where they’re likely to be noticed and picked up by a passerby and potential client or customer of the business that’s being marketed on the cards.  Of course, having a drop card that looks like a real $100 bill is likely to attract a LOT more attention and generally isn’t “dropped” for very long.Dollar Bill Business Card, Sizzle Card, or Drop Card

Sizzle Cards – A sizzle card is generally described as any card or mini flyer that has an offer on it that is so hot, that it “sizzles.”  The distribution method of a sizzle card is very much like a “drop card” except sizzle cards are typically placed in high traffic areas in a deliberate manner instead of just dropped.  And usually, sizzle cards are not placed on the ground but on a coffee table, counter top, or any other surface space that’s likely to be highly visible and within easy reach of the potential client or customer.

NO matter what you call them though, you’ll be sure to be calling them “effective” in no time whatsoever.  Again, these money cards can be used for any kind of business, promotion, opportunity, coupons, discount cards, or special event.  The amount of potential uses for these cards is literally endless.  If you’d like to get inspired by some of our business card samples, you’re certainly welcome to view our gallery with over 500 different examples of some of the cards we’ve already created for other clients.  Click here to view our Samples Gallery.

Who uses dollar bill business cards? – If you are considering taking a few moments to look through our gallery, you’ll see that people in all kinds of industries are using our quality business cards.  We’ve done automotive business cards, Real Estate business cards, Restaurant business cards, and many other creative business cards for several different industries.

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